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Greenwood Silo Innovation DELIVERS the Next Generation BASED ON Harvestore STORAGE

The Next Generation of Sealed Silos

Greenwood Silo has pioneered new technologies that improve and extend Harvestore silos and end-to-end solutions for sealed feed storage for haylage, silage, and other types of feed.

    • Higher palatability of feed
    • Fresher forage that results in improved milk production
    • Minimal spoilage and loss of dry matter
    • Reduced labor requirements
    • Quality fermented feed all year long
    • Fully automated, all season feeding process with push-button ease

Better Than Bins, Bunkers and Baylage

More and more farmers are realizing the advantages of sealed silos over bins, bunkers, bags and baylage. These silos are completely refurbished using Greenwood’s engineering and technology. They are ideal for your dairy and livestock operations. The oxygen-limiting technology of Greenwood’s Harvestore-based silos ensures the freshness of haylage and high-moisture corn coming from your unloader.

Enhancing Grass-Fed and Organic Operations

The ability to provide organic grass to specialized operations such as grass-fed beef herds and organic milk and cheese manufacturing makes sealed silos an integral part of these production flows. Sealed silos are now part of a higher profit margin product and farm.

We’re an Official Harvestore Dealer

In addition to Greenwood and Greenline end-to-end silo solutions, we offer a wide range of products and services through our Harvestore relationship:

Breather Bags

Breather bags are a special feature designed into a silo system to help reduce the amount of air that can get into the structure. The system minimizes the amount of air contacting feed during storage. This special system helps decrease dry matter loss and contributes to the preservation of feed quality.

    • 3 times stronger than the competition after exposure to caustic conditions
    • Withstands 2 times greater pull force and pressure

Parts and Service for Harvestore Silos, Unloaders and More

Greenwood Silo stocks a wide range of replacement parts for our installed silos, unloaders and other products. We source much of our stock from farms and refurbish them to like new (or better than new) condition.

Our available unloader parts include:

    • Cutter and conveyor chains for XL 200, XL 400, and Alliance Unloaders
    • Chisel tip hooks
    • Unloader cutter arms, backbones and housings
    • Gears, sprockets, shafts, and pinions
    • Complete unloader remanufacturing kits
    • Plates, doors, roofs

Our available silo parts and services include:

  • New and replacement roof panels and complete roof installs
  • Doors and access panels
  • Floors and supports
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Seal testing
  • Digouts