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Greenwood Silo is Now Offering Sukup Farm Products

Greenwood Silo never stays idle in striving to provide our customers with the best grain solutions in the farming industry. Quality products lead to better yields and more profitable outcomes. That’s why we are extremely pleased to expand our suite of manufacturers to include Sukup and its lines of grain bins, grain dryers and other grain and material handling equipment.

If you’re looking to upgrade your farming operation, call us to discuss how our new line of products from Sukup can help you modernize and make your business more profitable.

    Grain Bins

    Sukup grain bins are renowned for their versatility and durability. Sukup grain bins are designed practically to efficiently store grain in numerous applications and capacities.

      • Heavy Duty Hopper Bins
      • Medium Duty Hopper Bins
      • Non-Stiffened Farm Bins
      • Stiffened Farm Bins

    Grain Dryers

    Sukup’s origin story began with grain dryers. Sukup grain dryers provide the most efficient method to dry while delivering the best quality grain. Grain dryers from Sukup provide full-heat drying combined with slow, in-bin cooling.

      • Axial Dryers/Single Plenum
      • Axial Dryers/Split-Plenum
      • Centrifugal Dryers
      • Mixed Flow Dryers
      • Quadra Touch Pro
      • Stacked Dryers
      • Tower Dryers
      • QuadraTouch Downloads


    Grain Handling

    Your solution for moving grain from field to market is Sukup’s grain handling systems. They help mitigate spoilage, assure optimum quality, and provide for more plentiful yields.

      • Airways
      • Fans and Heaters
      • Bin Floors and Supports
      • Centrifugal Fans and Heaters
      • Fastir Stirring Machine
      • Spredway
      • Sweepway Power Sweep
      • U-Trough Powersweep

    Material Handling

    Transporting tons of grain from point A to point B has never been so easy. From conveyors to pneumatic systems, Sukup has the systems and equipment tailored to your operation, allowing it to hum with efficiency.

      • Bucket Elevators
      • Catwalks
      • Chain Loop Conveyor
      • Cyclone Pneumatic System
      • Double Run Conveyor
      • Drag Conveyors
      • Hy-Flight Conveyors
      • Paddle Sweepway
      • Sub-Structures
      • Support Towers
      • Transfer, Utility, & Roof Augers
      • Triple Run Conveyor
      • Tube & Well Systems

    Contact us with any questions about our full line of Sukup grain bins, dryers, and grain handling equipment.