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Welcome Back to the Future of Vertical Storage

What does a successful future look like to you?

Welcome back to Greenwood Silo. We’re focused on innovation that improves sustainability, superior feed preservation, automation, and your work as the lifeblood of this country. Through the years, we’ve been blessed to work with men and women who envision the same future for farming that we do.


Here are the goals we’ve accomplished and continue achieving for our customers:

Understanding before spending

At Greenwood Silo, we believe in discovering the best solutions for you and ensuring you understand why they’re the best solution before you spend any money.

“Marvin patiently walked me through the process without trying to oversell. He helped me understand why his recommendations were best for my farm before I spent any money.”
— Bruce Gumz

Improving product quality while decreasing waste

Food storage costs and waste quickly adds up. For Steward and Ashley Wurzel, the cost of plastic storage bags mounted up to between $50,000 and $60,000.

Greenwood Silo’s team has successfully decreased both food storage cost and waste for the Wurzels, while also increasing the quality of feed given to their organic grass-fed dairy herd.

“I had a lot of critics when people heard we were building a Harvestore. Now, after seeing it operate on our farm, neighbors are considering making the same valuable addition.” 
– Stewart Wurzel

Refurbishing and reimagining for automation

Upcycling has its advantages in farming, but often times this can lead to lowered innovation for automation. Greenwood Silo focuses on refurbishing and upcycling Haverstore Silos because there’s potential for simultaneously decreasing cost and increasing opportunities for future automation.

After Greenwood Silo restored three 20×90 Harvestores into bottom unloaders, customer Bruce Gumz is looking forward to a future of a complete automated feeding system.

“I was convinced I’d turn the Harvestores into top unloaders. But Marvin discussed with me why it was important to not convert and try restoring them.” — Bruce Gumz

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