Being a good steward of the earth is one of Greenwood Silo’s central and most meaningful missions.

Wurzel Farm

Benefits of Greenwood Silo's Bottom Unloading Sealed Silos:

  • Efficient storing and delivery of forage
  • Reduction and containment of CO2 and methane
  • Eliminates bunkers that generate toxic runoff
  • Reduces land use versus storage bunkers
  • Far less dry matter loss than other storage

The key to efficient and superior forage 365 days a year is proper sealing and maintenance of low oxygen silos.

Achieve Less Dry Matter Loss in Your Forage with Greenlage™!

  • No dry mater loss due to fermentation 
  • Reduce total acreage required for forage production
  • Reduce use of fossil fuels, fertilizer, water, plastics
  • Increase efficiency of milk and beef production
  • Allow grassland farming 365 days a year from silos
  • Integrate with your organic grass fed farm
Composting Silo
Diesel Driven Equipment

Automated Unloading Forage and Feeding Systems:

  • Perform far easier and faster to efficiently feed farm stock - giving you more time for other activities
  • Lower energy use versus traditional farm equipment and delivery methods
  • Virtually eliminate the need for diesel driven farm equipment to deliver feed to livestock
  • Are all US-based manufactured
  • Require less importation and transportation fuel

Eliminating Bunker Silos Reduces:

  • Use of fossil fuel-based plastics
  • Burning or landfill disposal of tons of plastic
  • Residual plastic trash and pollution that ends up in our soil
  • Overall time it takes to run an efficient feeding operation
Plastic Burning