• Marvin Reiff and his brother James, both dairy farmers at the time, went to an auction to buy a grain bin, but purchased  a 20×40 Harvestore silo and unloader instead.


  • Developed their own jacking system.
  • Successfully removed and rebuilt a silo for a brother-in-law.
  • Started Greenwood Silo LLC.


  • timeline - 2007Hired a herdsman to manage their dairy farms so they concentrate on growing Greenwood Silo.
  • Continued to take down and move more silos, and began servicing unloaders.  
  • Introduced fiberglass composite roofs for the popular 20 ft diameter silo.
  • Hired the first 2 full time employees.
  • Purchased Weaverline feed cart repair business.
  • Developed after-market parts and innovative solutions for Weaverline feed carts.


  • James left business to pursue his own excavating business.


  • Added numerous other lines of feeding, manure storage and manure equipment lines.


  • timeline - 2014Sold and installed a few above ground manure storage systems.
  • Introduced the heavy-duty green breather bag system to the US market.


  • timeline- 2015Introduced the ¾” floorplate and tapered and beveled trough design to improve unloader efficiency.
  • Introduced the quartz and carbide aggregate based epoxy floor systems.
  • Marvin Reiff sold his dairy cows to tend to his growing business.  


  • Streamlined Greenwood Silo’s business model to focus on bottom unloading vertical storage and related equipment.  
  • Sold Weaverline feed cart repair business and discontinued all other manure and feed handling equipment lines.
  • Introduced Greenline D-series unloader.
  • Launched Greenline products line.
  • Perfected the test and seal the base method for Harvestore silo.


  • timeline - 2017Introduced Greenline B-series unloader for grain silos.


  • timeline - 2018Introduced GreenAlert system to alert customers when their silo is almost full.
  • Added dealership for Fieldline blowers and forage carts.


  • timeline - 2019Introduced spray foaming the inside of the silo roofs, along with the top 5 - 10 ft of the silo, to reduce condensation and air movement, prolonging the life of a used steel roofs.
  • Introduced the Greenline side fill systems -  no more climbing required!


  • Hosted the 2nd Greenwood Silo Farmer to Farmer field day at Stewart Wurzel’s farm.
  • Became a dealer of the Circle C Golden Eagle Wheel Rakes.
  • Introduced the Quick Access door system to perform dig-outs.
  • Introduced a skid loader powered digger in case of an unloader breakdown.


  • Introduced proprietary trap for unloader.


  • Introduced Greenlage™ the future of agriculture.
  • Released Greenline E-drive unloader series.
  • Launched the first completely insulated Harvestore for Greenlage production.