My older Harvestore Silo unloads very slowly. Is that still the case today?

With the innovations that Greenwood Silo has made to the bottom unloader drive system, and the innovative new trough design, this certainly is not the case today! See our section on Automated Unloaders for more information.

Are there other reasons why my feed may be coming out caramelized?

Yes, there could be many other reasons this happens in silos that are not properly sealed and maintained. Greenwood Silo uses new, state-of-the-art sealants to prevent leakage, as well sealing the base of your silo at its foundation to prevent air infiltration. Call Greenwood Silo today to schedule an inspection of your silo.

How do I know when my silo is full?

With Greenwood Silo’s worry-free GreenAlert, when your silo is within a few feet of full, the beacon on the top of the silo and the strobe on the control panel will both light to alert you to your filling status.

Do you still need to climb my silo to fill it?

That is not the case not with Greenwood’s side-filing system.

How do you know how much feed is in the silo?

Greenwood Silo utilizes the SmartBob system that lets you know exactly how much feed is in your silo. The SmartBob sensor works like an automated tape measure. Mounted on top of the silo, the sensor drops a weighted cable to the material surface. Upon impact, the cable retracts while counting pulses that are converted to a level measurement. Measurements are programmed at predetermined time intervals to monitor changes. Data is then sent to a app on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Is it possible to install Greenwood Silo’s new trough design into an older silo?

Yes, but some modifications would be need to be made to your silo. The floor plates would need to be removed, and the concrete would then be cut away and widened and a new wider trough is then installed.

I sold my cows. Can I convert my silo to store dry grain in my Harvestore Silo?

Yes, the Sukup Silo Aeration and Unloading System lets you convert existing Harvestore Silos for storing grain.

I no longer have a use for an old silo that I have on the property. Does it have value?

It depends mainly on its condition and age. Greenwood regularly dismantles existing Harvestore silos for customers as a courtesy and does reuse some parts in new refurbished silos. Email us a photo at [email protected] and we’ll give our feedback as to whether we may be interested.

Can I get wetter feed in a silo than dry?

That is not the case. The wetter the feed, the more volume it takes up, in or out of a sealed silo system.