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Commercial / Industrial Solutions

Many industries have a need for vertical storage. Greenwood Silo has implemented custom vertical silo  solutions and installations for a varied number of industries. Greenwood Silo has built and retrofitted  vertical storage silos to contain such diverse materials as cotton seed, rubber pellets, wood chips, and sawdust. Because the make up and quality of each material is different, each requires a different vertical storage and conveyance solution.  

Vertical Storage

Not all storage is created equal! To put it simply, there are two ways to store material - horizontally or vertically. How you store a material has a direct impact on material handling and productivity. Vertical storage is one of the best ways to store materials and disperse it to where it is needed. Additionally, vertical storage not only saves ground space but it can also increase operational efficiency.  

Commercial Vertical Storage

Material Handling

Sourcing raw material from a secure and protected centralized location, and getting it efficiently to where it can be processed/manipulated correlates directly to profitability. Gravity and ergonomics work in favor of vertical storage solutions. When integrated with a state of the art unloader and automated drive system, material will flow directly where it is needed with the push of a button.

Custom Design and Engineering Services

No two industrial projects are alike.  Each material is different and needs to be approached in distinct way. If the project isn’t a new build, shutting down the production line is usually not an option for a company.  In this case, retrofitting will need to be done onsite. Because of the uniqueness of each project, much due diligence is performed and a considerable amount investigative fact finding is done. Problem solving, combined with important client input, leads to custom design and engineering solutions. CAD and 3D modeling tools are employed to provide custom solutions.

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