• Jack Stevens | Livestock Farmer“My Harveststore silo needed a new roof, and I had the pleasure of working with Greenwood Silo.
    Their team was excellent to work with, as they completed the project in 1 ½ days and on budget. They kept their workplace very clean also.
    I am very satisfied and would recommend Greenwood Silo for their quality of work and strong team.”
  • Warren Buhler | Hay Producer“I have had a Circle C Golden Eagle 30-foot rake with kickers in the center for 15 years and will continue to use it. It is very reliable.
    One key feature is that the depth bands prevent the rake tines from penetrating the ground. They are easy to change and inexpensive.
    The lifting action is well-designed as it prevents picking up dirt and rocks.
    I could not be happier. I am looking forward to the new models that are coming out as they have improvements over mine.”
  • Terry Byrne | Byrne Dairy Farm“We currently own 278 acres and rent another 150 acres. We plant corn for grain and silage, alfalfa and soybeans. We chose Greenwood Silo for their great service and innovative ideas on feeding cows consistently and efficiently. We would recommend Greenwood Silo for both their prompt service and innovative ideas in storing feeds in bottom unloading silos. Marvin and his staff are constantly looking at ways to improve both feed storage quality and feedout speed. We chose the Greenwood unloader based on Marvin’s recommendation when we built our 3rd Harvestore at 20×90 in 2017. I would definitely recommend the Greenwood unloader. We like the variable speed drive and the feed delivery it puts out. We are currently getting about 400lbs. a minute on corn silage and 250lbs. a minute on hayage respectively on our 3 Greenline unloaders.”
  • Josh Hiemstra | Hiemstra Dairy LLC“We have 6 silos over 70ft with center fills. We store 2000+ tons of corn silage, 1700 tons of hayage, and 450 tons of high moisture corn. The Fieldline blower has no problem keeping up with our 300hp chopper.
    We choose a Fieldline blower because it is a heavy duty, high capacity blower that is built with a simple design and is easy to service.
    Greenwood Silo was great to work with, they were knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating to our needs”
  • Stewart Wurzel“I had a lot of critics when people heard we were building a Harvestore. Now, after seeing it operate on our farm, neighbors are considering making the same valuable addition.”
  • Ashley Wurzel“Marvin giving us tours of customers’ farms proved how much he believes in what he’s selling and how much he wants to help farmers with his products.”
  • Bob Ewing | ETEX Fiber Supply“Greenwood Silo took down two 70 foot Harvestore silos for us. We needed two 35 foot silos at our new location. Marvin and his crew worked together as a team. Everyone knew their job and did it to perfection. The whole project was completed in about 2 weeks. They had the right tools for the job and did a great job. I highly recommend Greenwood Silo. We are very pleased with what they did for us.”
  • Robert Mattson | SurfaceCo“Greenwood Silo is a great partner for our business. They are very responsive and quick on their work. We had them tear down four silos on our old location and then rebuilt 6 at our current location. They beat their deadline by one month.”
  • Bruce Gumz | Tri-G Farms“Greenwood Silo has a premium product and a reputation for quality and durable materials. They’re top-in-class and have an awesome crew. You don’t have to wonder if the work’s going to be done right – it’s going to be done right whether or not the boss is onsite.”
  • Steve Konrath, Project Manager | Farmers Grain & Feed“Marvin is very knowledgeable about the product, he responds quickly to calls and questions. His crew was very efficient and courteous, they did quality work.”