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Refurbished Silos Prepare Bruce Gumz’ Farm for Automation

Gumz Farm | Dorchester, WI | Greenwood Silo

The future is NOW on Bruce Gumz’ Farm, Dorchester, Wisconsin

One robot, 62 cows  Bruce Gumz knows the advantages of farming automation. After purchasing a neighboring farm with six standing Harvestores, Bruce was unsure how investing in the old-model silos would keep his farm successfully moving into the future. 

“Marvin patiently walked me through the process without trying to oversell. He helped me understand why his recommendations were best for my farm before I spent any money.” — Bruce Gumz

After a walk-through and assessment, Marvin diagnosed:

  • The Harvestore Silos were leaking in numerous locations
  • The unloaders need a lot of work
  • The floor plates needed changed
  • Troughs needed converted to increase the efficiencies of the unloaders
  • Breather bags needed replaced
  • Relief valves needed rebuilt
  • Base of all silos required pumping
  • Roofs required changes and resealing

Marvin concluded that he would salvage what he could and build three 20×90 Harvestores for Bruce’s 60 cow herd while removing the remaining silos. 

    “I was convinced I’d turn the Harvestores into top unloaders. But Marvin discussed with me why it was important to not convert and try restoring them.” — Bruce Gumz

    The power, efficiency, and savings in restoration

    “We put minimal investment into the first silo. After using it, I could immediately see the potential. That’s when we refurbished two more,” Bruce shared.

    On the Gumz farm, the team did more than refurbish silos:

    • Inspected existing silos and made recommendations
    • Took Bruce on farm tours to experience bottom-feeding silos working the right way
    • Consulted that the best plan to move forward was to refurbish three of the silos and remove the remaining silos
    • Deconstructed a 20×85 Harvestore and rebuilt a refurbished 20×90 Harvestore silo
    • Removed three Harvestore silos
    • Refurbished three Goliath unloaders
    • Continued consultation to work alongside Bruce and solve feed and storage unloading system problems

    … the results

    “Harvestore is a great way to move towards and prepare for a complete automated feeding system. With our three 20×90 Harvestores, we are hoping to achieve this in a few years,” Bruce explained.

    “Bruce was putting a lot of work and money into his family farm and needed to know that Greenwood Silo was a stable company that could finish the job and be there for him in the future.” — Marvin Reiff, Founder of Greenwood Silo

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