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 Greenwood Silo’s goal for years has been to increase the efficiency and longevity of unloaders, and to reduce the problem areas. Listed below are areas that we have been focusing on to make our unloaders work better for you.

Greenline D-Series

We observed the wear & tear on the unloader, as well as the occasional broken chain, that resulted from traditional hard-start motors. As a result, we developed the Greenline Drives which feature a soft-start, variable speed, VFD unloader control system. This system allows for more start-up torque than a single-phase motor, but does not put the chains and unloader through the shock that a hard-start does, and nearly eliminates any spike in electric use compared to a traditional hard-start motor.

In connection with the VFD unloader control system, Greenwood Silo has developed a load-sensing arm advance control system. Because of the wide variety of feed types, moisture content, feed density, and other variables, it is important that the arm advances accordingly. We recognize that the goal of the unloader is not just to advance the arm around the silo; the goal is to remove feed from the silo. Greenwood Silo’s solution was to develop a load-sensing, arm-advance control that advances the arm according to the motor load.
The VFD unloader control system and the arm-advance control system are brought together and configurated with a user-friendly, PLC touch-screen. Readily customizable options include motor speed, clean-out mode, length of start-up and shut-down times, and a dual function hour-meter which tracks both total hours and service hours.
Clean Out Delay & Start Up
D-Series Drive
Greenwood Silo uses totally hot-dipped, galvanized backbones and housings. Greater durability than painted units at little additional cost is the result.
We were dissatisfied with the effort needed to open the cumbersome shield just to check belts, so we developed a simple, hinged, stainless steel door.
Greenline D-Series
Greenline D-Series
We noticed the tendency of discharge doors to leak, even with new seals. Add to that the effort needed to close the handles, and the frustration when they wouldn’t stay closed. Greenwood Silo developed adjustable handles that lock tightly by going over center, and require less effort to operate.
Greenwood Silo uses only high quality Samson chisel-tip hooks on its Greenline unloaders.

Samson Chisel-Tip Hooks