Benefits of Fieldline Forage Blowers

Heavy duty, 1000 RPM Fieldline Forage Blowers are designed to enhance crop flow with specially designed spinner fins. Keep your forage flowing at a steady pace without losing time or product with Fieldline’s four paddle blower.

  • Large 40 x 32” hopper
  • Accessible hand clutch engagement
  • Easily removable transition shoot
  • Adjustable blower paddle gap
  • Simple cleanout door
  • Hydraulic cylinder levelers to raise and lower blower
  • Manual or automatic water valve and applicator plug
Fieldline Blower Silhouette

The Best Blowers on Earth

  • 50 Pounds of dry matter per day, per cow
  • One blower blew 15,000 dry tons 100' high - equivalent to 2,800 22-foot box loads
  • Maintains feed requirements for 305 cows PLUS dry cows and young stock
  • 31 million pounds of dry matter over the course of 5 years

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