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The Best Wheel Hay Rake in the Industry — Now Even Better

Made by farmers for farmers, the Golden Eagle Wheel Hay Rake is specifically designed to decrease drying time and to tackle the challenges of raking or merging hay and forage crops.

  • Use 1/3 less fuel by merging three swaths into one or two windrows
  • Decreased windrows expends 1/3 less labor and time
  • Spend 2/3 less on maintenance costs
  • Exclusive depth-band technology
  • 8-spoke heavy-duty wheels
  • Independent flexible frame
  • Can be towed behind pickup at highway speeds
  • Significantly decreases fuel expenses, labor time, and maintenance costs

The Golden Eagle Wheel Rake can be pulled with your tractor, pickup bumper hitch, or on a gooseneck — without modification.

  • Transport mode width is 8-1/2 feet (with wings) — allows easy access from local highways to your most distant fields.
  • Auxiliary hydraulics are available when pulled with a pickup — for complete control from inside the truck cab, or use your tractor’s hydraulics with the same optimum level of control.
  • Models available from 12 to 32 wheels — rake up to 54 feet wide at a pass all from the comfort of your pickup or tractor cab.
  • Depth band technology (patent pending) keeps tines out of the soil — your hay is free of dirt and rocks, increasing the hay’s value and enhancing tine life.
Inspecting Hay

The Golden Eagle offers many features not found on other rakes in the industry.


  • Pivoting main-frame
  • 18-spoke wheels with UHMW facing-skin
  • Single-point wheel float control
  • Rake axles are mounted at center
  • Depth bands to prevent soil penetration
  • Golden Eagle wheels carry 18 double rubber-mounted tines
  • More positive wheel-drive mechanism
  • More consistent bale density – hay dries faster

The Golden Eagle in Action


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