Save 5% to 7% On Parts & Labor


What it is


  • Discount program for loyal customers
  • Annual (or more frequent) schedule
  • Preventive maintenance for your unloaders
  • Flexible schedule (within 30 days of your chosen date)

What It Is Not


  • Binding contract
  • An exact day and time schedule


Bonus Discount

Members of this program receive a discount on unloader and silo maintenance for that harvest year (examples: long or short arms, breather bag replacements, pressure checking, reseals) for silos that have an unloader that is on our maintenance plan.

What You Get

  • 5% to 7% discount on parts and labor on covered unloaders when bill is paid within 30 days (Additional 2% off if paid within 10 days)
  • Detailed service record for each unloader
    • Hours of service (requires an hour meter)
    • Replacement parts used- Recommendations for next service
    • Reduced chance of breakdowns and emergency repair bills
  • Handy reminders of upcoming service
    • We’ll call you to remind you and set up a day and time for your service
    • We’ll call the morning of your service so that you’re ready for our visit
  • Maintenance Recommendations
    • 200 Hours or Less Per Year = service once per year
    • 200 Hours or More Per Year = service twice per year

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