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New Farm Equipment at Greenwood Silo

We’re always striving to improve our products and services to better meet your farming needs. To do that, we’re now offering lines of new equipment to expediate your forage experience, increase output, and improve product quality.

We’ve field-tested the trusted brands we sell and stand firmly behind them. If you’re looking to modernize your forage operations, call us to discuss how our new line of farm equipment can get the job done.

Circle C Golden Eagle Wheel Rake

The Golden Eagle Wheel Rake is specifically designed to tackle the challenges of raking or merging hay and forage crops.

  • Use 1/3 less fuel by merging three swaths into one or two windrows
  • Decreased windrows expends 1/3 less labor and time
  • Spend 2/3 less on maintenance costs

Fieldline Forage Blower

The Fieldline Forage Blower is manufactured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This heavy-duty piece of equipment features crop distributing spinner fins to enhance crop flow and an easily adjustable blower paddle gap.

  • 1,000 RPM
  • 4 Paddle
  • Maximum horsepower rating: 240hp
  • Large hopper: 40 x 32”

Fieldline Combination Forage Cart

Fieldline’s Combination Forage Cart features a hydraulic rear unload and hydraulic tailgate for faster unloading with less waste. The hydraulics and beaters are operated from inside your tractor’s cab.

  • Rear drive shaft 1 ¾” diameter
  • Apron chain 667X
  • Cross conveyer 620 chain
  • Hydraulic suspension

Contact us with any questions regarding our exciting line of farm equipment.